Monday, November 17, 2008

Countdown is Over...

Well Piper made it here a little early. She was born on November 15th at 12:30 P.M. She weighed in at 7lbs 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. She is very sweet and we are excited to have her here.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Snow White

My step sister Shannielle came up from Boise she was dressed up like Snow White. Becca kept asking me if she could go talk to Snow White. I didn't think anything of it. Later Shannielle told me that Becca thought she was the real Snow White. Becca was asking her if she could go be in the cartoon with her. It was pretty cute. It made Becca's day that she was able to get a picture with the "real" Snow White. She felt pretty special.

Halloween Fun

I love Halloween so we were fortunate this year that we had a great day. The girls were able to go to two parties a trunk a treat and a pirates ship.