Tuesday, February 24, 2009

8 Things

My cousin Pearl tagged me so here it goes:

8 TV Shows I Enjoy Watching:
8*Biggest Loser
7*The Bachelor
6*True Beauty
5*So You Think You Can Dance
4*Jon and Kate plus 8
3*Ugly Betty
1*Greys Anatomy

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
8*Took Becca to Pre-School
7* Cooked Dinner
6* Changed Poopy Diapers
5* Folded Laundry
4* Talked on the phone
3* Did dishes
2* Took a hot shower
1* Vaccumed

8 Things I am looking foreword to
8* The weekend
7* Going to the beach
6* Seeing family
5* Going to Bed
4* Spring
3* A good book
2* Conference
1* Summer

8 Things on my wish list
8* Have a six pack
7* Out of Debt
6* Run a marathon
5* Helping those in need
4* Being completly settled
3* Kids getting along
2* New wardrobe
1*Huge Savings Account

8 Things my husband did yesterday:
8* Went to work
7* Played with the kids
6* Checked his email
5* Went up to campus
4* Read Scriptures
3* Bounced Piper and put her to sleep
2* Brushed his teeth
1* Took long shower and shaved

8 People I tag
8* Trina
7* Marie
6* Sam
5* Jessica
4* Christie
2* Paige
1* any one else who is dying to do this

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Florida Fun

Jared got to got to Miami Florida and work for a couple of weeks. Here is some of the fun he had while he was there.

Even though he had fun we are so glad that he is home!!!