Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best Helper

I don't know what I would do without this girl. She is the best helper in the world. She is always willing to give me a hand. I love her and am so grateful shes my daughter. She got makeup from a Birthday Party and look how pretty she is. This is how she came out of her room in the morning to go to school! We had a good laugh. We sure love her!

Brynlee 10 Months Old

What a cute little girl. She is most of the time a pretty happy camper. She love love loves her jumper. She will jump up and down in it for well over an hour and be happy. I just love her to pieces.

10 months

has 2 teeth on bottom and 4 breaking through on the top.

she claps her hands

can stand up all by herself if she doesn't know shes doing it.

She loves to eat anything and everything

she loves to play with her sisters and tries to get their attention

sleeps through the night most nights.

-She is 5% weight and 10% height.

Ballet Princesses

Becca and Aymree were lucky enough to go to their cousins Ballet tutu birthday party. I think they sure make cute Ballerinas.

Crazy Thing Called March

March was a crazy one. It felt like we were running with our head cut off. Here are a few photos from March.

Brynlee hospitalized for RSV. We spent 3 days and 2 nights at the hospital. She then was allowed to go home with oxygen. She had oxygen for three more days. Poor little girl.

Brynlee sporting her baby legs. (thanks Christie) We are so glad that she is feeling better and able to be home with us. Cousin Paige came and stayed with the other girls. We are so grateful for Paige she was a huge blessing to us.

We worked the Spring Fair this year. It was a lot of work, but it was for a fantastic product.

Brynlees decided she want to stand and try walking. I can't believe it she has grown so fast. Is it really that time for her to be doing that?!?

Piper keeps on running and running and running until she crashes.