Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 Years Old

Brynlee turns two!!!! She is such a ham. Her making a funny face!
Her butterfly cake!
Her good little friend Quinnlee. She loves Quinnlee!
Checking out her new sparkly shoes!
Brynlee is such a joy to have around! She has four mothers and is taken very good care of. She has us all wrapped around her finger. She loves to eat and throws tantrums for candy! She has had a rough go at being sick. When she gets sick she gets sick. She loves babies and running around outside.  She is learning to talk very well and learns a couple new words a day! She thinks it is funny to take off her diaper and run around naked. She loves her sisters and tries to do what they are doing. She is a climber and will climb anything she can. Loves to go to the park and climb up and go down the slide. Brynlee is very loud at church and yells out any ones name she sees. She loves people!!! She is a bright star in our family.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aymree's 6

Well Aymree has officially turned 6. She sure does keep us laughing. She still sucks her bottom lip, and has lost two teeth. She loves school and works hard at it. She loved her teacher Mrs. Davies and was rather sad when the year ended. She is loving to ride her bike and play with friends.
Hi I am back to blogging!