Saturday, August 1, 2015


 I have decided it was time I restarted putting updates on my blog. My family is growing and changing so much and I am not doing them any service by not keeping up with it. My lesson for Sunday school is keeping a journal and the importance of it. It says in the lesson "the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events."   
So this is one of my attempts to keep a record.  
I am going to start with Brynlee. 

She is 5 now. Starting Kindergarten!! She loves gymnastics.  She had the most perfect kart wheel and round off. She can now do tick tock. She taught herself to ride her bike without training wheels.
She graduated preschool this year.  She is so funny she has Jared and I laughing all the time.  She has a major sweet tooth.  She has 5 mothers.  Her sisters are always mothering her.  She gets in trouble she goes to her sisters for comfort.  She has a hard time sitting through church.  She says she had to use the bathroom at least 5 times.  Her sister Piper is her best friend.
I looked at Jared the other day and said I am so glad she came to us. We wouldn't be complete without her.