Monday, August 31, 2015


Rebecca (aka Becca) she is a joy! She is extremely talented and athletic. She loves to play soccer! She is playing the piano and picking it up fairly quickly. She likes to sing and has song a few duets with her father.  Becca likes gymnastics and is always twirling and thumping in the front room trying her next moves. She is an excellent big sister most of the time. At school her younger sisters would come find her if anything was going on. She would take care of the problem for them. Becca
always has their back. She shot her first doe this year with the help of her father. She like to hunt and fish.
Becca is very helpful and most likely will do what is asked of her. She turned 11 this year which makes her a SIXTH grader. She is now in middle school with a locker.  Becca goes to 7 different teachers throughout the day. I don't know when she grew up. She is quick to make friends and has a friendly outgoing personality. She has a tender heart and doesn't like to see others feel left out or sad. We sure love her. She is a great example to her sisters and those around her.

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